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What does a body-2-body massage mean for us?

During a Body 2 Body massage you have intimate physical contact with the lady. The lady not only massages your body with her hands, but also uses her own body in a sensual and provocative way. Through various Body 2 body techniques you can experience the most intense Body 2 body experience available. This way you will experience a different kind of erotic intimacy that feels very intense without sex. Ecstasy, in other words: you reach “the next level” Many people say from experience that they like the intimacy and eroticism this way better than sex.

What does a lingam massage mean for us?

Lingam is officially an elongated object, the opposite of Yoni. For us, your lingam is your intimate area or your penis. Every massage includes a lingam massage, which means your lingam is pampered with various manual, sophisticated massage techniques. No matter which massage you choose, we won't forget your lingam. We also have a LingamVip massage in our range. This massage really focuses on your lingam. This is a massage that focuses on the lingam and is combined with a body-2-body massage.

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